That’s the magic we do.

  • Naming
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Web pages
  • Printed Materials
  • Interior design

Unexpected flavors. Unexpected brand. There must be chemistry between the agency and the client. We’d say it’s alchemy in the case of Bhar. That’s the magic we do.


Runes, Milk
& Acrylics

The uniqueness of this brand project comes from
the original typography we created for Bhar, based
on ancient runes. Besides, we didn’t match the colors digitally this time but got our hands dirty with acrylics. We diluted these with water and applied them with a syringe to a bowl full of milk, oil, and Dish Spring, resulting in unexpected shapes resembling molecular drinks we could capture with a macro lens.

But before we started the creative process, we did
an intensive workshop with the client. Based on it,
we could determine the vision, mission, values,
and attributes of the brand and continued with
the analysis of target groups, definition of personas, marketing archetype, and tone of communication, forming a high-quality strategic foundation on which we began to build the new brand.


Curacao Blue and Grenadine Pink

We chose yellow, pink, purple, and blue as the basic colors we created by mixing acrylics with other substances. We named them after typical ingredients of well-loved drinks – Lemon Yellow, Grenadine Pink, Blueberry Purple, and Curacao Blue.
The complementary shades are derived from their respective sub-tones.


From Spells to Bhar’s Own Typography.

We created an original typography for Bhar.
That’s not something we do every day, and it’s not something that every brand has either. The font
we designed carries the distinctive name Bhar and resembles a runic script. It’s not a coincidence.
It indirectly refers to the world of fantasy and magic. We use it in the logo, claims, and headlines.
For regular text, we went with a different font – Azo Sans, which we value for its readability. Learn the entire Bhar alphabet with us:

Branding: An Alchemical Laboratory

We built the brand on colorful colors and the original typography. The client wanted Bhar to resemble
an alchemy laboratory and to match the molecular drinks served in test tubes and various flasks.
We really applied the visual style everywhere – even at the restrooms.

As part of branding, we designed a lot of applications – cocktail menus in an unconventional hexagon format, coasters, napkins, bartender aprons, merch
in the form of t-shirts, or exterior applications such
as window stickers or billboards.

Bhar a Bhar language

The bheautiful Bar is bhombastic!

The name Bhar is minimalist, clear, and simultaneously memorable. The Bhar language naturally permeated into communication: “I’m not going for a drink at a bar but to Bhar.” New expressions highlight the unusual use of “BH” in the name. Bhold, isn’t it?

Bhar Web

We also created a presentation website. In addition to introducing the Bhar concept, drinks, and a photo gallery, it includes a 30-question quiz that tests how much of an alcohol connoisseur you are.