Gabriella Salvete

Awakening beauty: Breathing life into decorative cosmetics

  • Marketing strategy and creatives
  • Social network management
  • Graphic and product design
  • Production and photography
  • Landing pages
  • PPC campaigns
Gabriella Salvete

Like Sleeping Beauty, we awakened Gabriella Salvete – a Czech brand of decorative cosmetics with an Italian soul – from its marketing slumber. Thanks to us, the design found a cohesive theme, and our communication stirred in the right direction. In this case study, you’ll learn about the campaigns for Panoramico mascara and GeLove – the gel nail polish.

Gabriella Salvete nail polishes

Where to elevate a Czech brand of decorative cosmetics with an Italian soul?

Who is the main competition? What dare we try to do with the brand, and what already lies beyond its limits? What value does it offer its customers, and why should it become a lovebrand?

We tackled all the topics essential to determine the direction to take during the initial workshop with the Gabriella Salvete team.

”The client demanded a girl-only team. Soon, we acknowledged he was right. In this field, it’s necessary to monitor both international and Czech beauty trends constantly. You need to be aware of the strategies the competitors come up with in drugstores
and online. I don’t think our male colleagues would be too excited by this project.” Laughs our designer Vendy

And so, we immersed ourselves in the colorful world of cosmetics. Quite literally. Not always can our client’s products become a part of our daily routine. So we took full advantage of it (and without hesitation). Nail polishes, eyeshadows, mascaras – we tested everything on our own skin.


Until now, Gabriella Salvete’s marketing hasn’t worked around a unified line and has operated dominantly on occasional campaigns. As a result, the brand wasn’t authentic enough. We wanted to change that.
Therefore, we started with a marketing strategy as the first logical step to rejuvenate the brand and give it a recognizable

face that would stand out from the competition anywhere.

In the communication strategy, we have elaborated on the themes and channels with which the brand will approach customers. We have also expanded the color palette.

social media

We focused on Instagram.

We kicked off with a spring campaign for new Panoramico mascaras infused with natural oils.
As summer rolled in, we turned up the heat with another one. This time for the GeLove curable gel nail polishes.


The campaigns were entirely orchestrated by our team. We covered everything from conceptualization or model selection to PPC advertising on social networks. We juggled multiple tasks simultaneously, including campaign landing pages, packaging design, POS materials, presentations for retail chains, long-term strategies, and content for various networks. We needed a lot of photo and video materials we ultimately conceptualized, shot,
and edited in-house. It involved multi-day shoots, turning the entire experience into an exhilarating journey that propelled us forward.

The designers worked on the packaging design and did beauty retouching of the photos, which is quite specific compared to other photo editing. You easily spend several hours on one picture to get the perfect result.

”It was definitely a huge challenge for all of us.
We had two designers working on it because of the volume and diversity of work. One designer definitely wouldn’t have been enough,”
says Veronika.

film pás_gab

The first campaign brought lashes
to life.

How to choose the right one? The campaign launched 3 new mascaras from the Panoramico range. How to choose the one that suits you best? We engaged a chatbot in Messenger and IG Direct to advise customers on the parameters based on which they chose their mascaras. And what’s the deciding factor for you? The content of the nourishing oil? The brush? The effect of the mascara?

panoramico_curly girl

To differentiate the mascaras, we assigned each one a different color, face, and slogan. The results from the chatbot exceeded our expectations. Nearly 80% of users who came into contact with the chatbot – whether they clicked through from an ad or directly – chatted and chose a fitting mascara.


78.9% of users used a chatbot to choose the right mascara.

We gave each mascara a claim referring to the type of oil it contains.
We also came up with English slogans for the client’s business presentations.


What were the results?

For us, the first key indicator of success was the growth in reach, reactions, and user interest on all the social networks we took on. The greatest result was a change of thousands of percent!

Then, during the first week of sales, we received a backorder of products for dm drugstore, which sold out immediately.

The reactions were positive, to say the least. We set the networks on fire, and the mascaras became a popular item not only in our cosmetic bags.
The overall winner, according to the results of PPC campaigns and sales, was the one with castor oil.

campaign results_panoramico

GeLove’s campaign painted a love story in 20 vibrant colors.

The second campaign launched a new gel nail polish that contains 3 phases in 1 bottle. So you don’t need any additional base and top coat layers.

This makes it easy to create salon-like nails at home using a UV or LED lamp.

We had the opportunity to create this campaign from A to Z. We even named the product and participated in the selection of the paint colors, which is not so often the case.

Summer, trendy colours, emotions hidden in one bottle. This is how we wanted to reach a younger target group and continue the communication style we had set.


What’s your GeLove story?

In the campaign, we wanted to break out of the stereotypes of the perfect love. On the contrary, we emphasized that everyone perceives love differently. Every color of paint is a different love story. It’s up to you whether it’s Flirt, Romance, Hook Up or Single.

We made a short video showing the main USP of the product, the colors of the polishes, their texture, and – most importantly – the emotions. It was crucial to convey all the information in the shortest and juiciest form. The video stirred up the landing page, Instagram, and TikTok.

Along with the main video, we filmed other Reels and shot content for the networks. We needed to engage our target audience and show them how easy it is to work with GeLove baking polishes.


The campaign kicked off on Instagram, on Facebook, but also on Pinterest and TikTok. This novelty couldn’t be missing among the summer trends on these networks because this is where we really hit our target audience.

For context – during our campaign, in July 2023, the most searched terms on Pinterest were nails, summer nails, or nail trends.

pravá ruka_gelove

We’ve energized Gabriella Salvete’s marketing.

Success and results didn’t take long to show. The growing reach of the spring campaign multiplied once again. Reactions on social media kept increasing, and the brand began to emerge as a major player among competitors in drugstores. Larger spaces on the shelves for the Gabriella Salvete brand became a reality.

We literally made Gabriella Salvete’s marketing grow. During our collaboration, we both recognized the significant need to expand their internal marketing team. Given the pace and the volume of required outputs, it was necessary. And so it happened. We are delighted that our work makes sense and that we could show the right direction.

ginger and brunette_panoramico