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We Painted
New York

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We Paint New York

Celso Silva is an enthusiast of visual arts and our first overseas customer. New York never sleeps, and Celso awakens the homes of its inhabitants. He achieves this with magic. Magic he does with colors and wallpapers. It was up to us to transfer his magic into an online presentation.

Imagine New York

Celso decided to target specific customers.

Those who appreciate top work. So we looked at the world through the eyes of the upper-class New Yorkers. And we enjoyed it.

The new website and brand identity of We Paint New York reflect the shift in the target group. We speak directly to the customer and use emotionally charged words. Perfection. Passion. Pride. The logo underwent a facelift. It is more subtle, modest, and very readable.

We can’t stop the rise of AI.
So let’s be friends instead.

“Draw me a flatlay from a top view, which displays pricey materials. Don’t worry, I will edit it later. Use the V4 algorithm… please. :)”

Midjourney also helped us in creating mood boards. In the first phase of the project, we showed Celso three paths to the desired visual. He then determined which one we would take. The result is a luxurious, delicate, and clean design, which is reflected in the color palette, typography, or in photos.

Letting Celso’s jobs shine

Walls that Never Sleep

To underline Celso’s magic, we cast some spells too. We are talking about photo editing. We wanted the pictures to reflect the level of work done. So that
the life which Celso’s painters breathed into the walls with their brushes and sprays would also be felt
by the website visitors.

Melting Pot of Colors

Without choosing the right shades, you won’t get far in design.

Celso desired color minimalism. Therefore, neutral white and ivory dominate large areas on the website to evoke a warm feeling of a cozy interior. The interior in which you want to be at home.

Other colors we added to the website design through the article menu and photos. Terracotta reminiscent of fired clay, a subtle gold carrying an element
of luxury, and an intense green we call Emerald.

At Work or In the Subway

We made sure that the web design is responsive.

It doesn’t matter if a New Yorker opens the site
on a large monitor at their work desk, or on a phone on their way home when they have time to think about their dream home. The website is optimized for all devices.

Brand Manual

How to Work with the New Identity

We did not leave the customer at the mercy of the intricacies of the visual style. Part of the output was also a basic scope graphic manual. Thanks to it, Celso will know how to handle all the elements of the new brand identity.

It was all about
the perfect match.

Mixing the right color is an art. Combining colors tastefully is likewise. And assembling a team that will embark on rebranding and creating a new website can be tricky as well. It’s not always just about capabilities. People must also get along. That certainly worked for us with Celso.

Client’s words

The folks at Justmighty were just mighty helpful! Being able to have an in person meeting in their office in Brno was important and a fabulous experience. It showed they care about my website, no matter how big it is. They take on their project as if it were their own – with passion and professionalism.

Celso Silva (CEO)