Man-Made Innovations

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How to secure workforce at a time when it’s particularly scarce? The world-famous Wistron corporation came to us with a clear task – to find a way to reach potential employees and convince them that the Brno branch of the company, which produces servers and racks, will offer them the best opportunity in the job market.


Focused on

Nowadays, everyone looks for work on the internet, be it workers or programmers. But in times when people choose from dozens of positions, social networks or job advertisements

on jobs.cz simply are not enough. Thus, we came
up with a “bottom-up” solution. What makes Wistron unique is how they care for their employees. They place great emphasis on CSR, ecology, and innovation, and offer perks like a company nursery
or reduced work hours for parents. Hence the claim, “Man-Made Innovations”. This idea, which has enabled us to avoid popular recruitment clichés, permeates the entire updated brand. For instance,
in employee stories. A specific face is always more convincing than the best copy in the world.


Right at the beginning, we had to deal with a difficult task. The parent company already has its colors defined as part of its brand. How to improve the visuals so that Wistron Brno remains Wistron?
We started by contemplating the core colors – blue, green, orange, and the dominant and pure white.

But we took a modern approach – setting the goal that the colors would complement each other rather than create a sharp contrast. After all, Wistron is a team that unites, not divides. In every application – web
and merch – the palette truly allowed us to play.


About People, and for People

Wistron’s Brno branch isn’t trying to sell anything here. The parent company handles product promotion. The Czech branch needed a major shift
in the HR area and brand awareness.

We tailored an extensive website to meet these needs, where each page and each paragraph serves a purpose. Such as introducing the nature of the work, a wide range of benefits, or ecological and charitable projects. With an obvious goal to enable people to explore suitable job opportunities
at Wistron. We’ve prepared all of this so that the website, both visually and content-wise, appeals
to all roles – from manufacturing to senior IT and office positions.


20 little things put together make one functional whole.

We crafted a series of distinct pictograms. Each one signifies a compelling reason why choosing to work at Wistron is a brilliant move. From rewards
to transparent communication, from valued leisure time to the company’s focus on environmental consciousness – collectively they sketch an image that resonates – people at Wistron hold center stage. Simultaneously, they embody another key notion – the essence of teamwork, which is untenable without each individual – every vital fragment of the big picture.


The recruitment process is no longer a dirty word

Designer Maruška painstakingly finessed each application. Literally.

Whether you’re looking at her compositions for the first, fifth, or tenth time, you always notice a new detail. It simply doesn’t get old.

In each pictogram, she played with the primary colors of Wistron – but also made it variable for monochromatic applications. Still, everything here has its place, its meaning. Collectively, they depict a complex recruitment system, which no longer seems intimidating. Rather playful and friendly, right?

people of wistron

We taught people in Wistron to take pride in their brand.

Hand on heart. Who likes to wear work uniforms? People need to have a relationship with the company they work for. We came up with a solution that will help build this brand pride within Wistron. It’s far from just about merch. People need to feel that their company cares about them. And that it cares about its surroundings too. We designed individual applications in a way that allows employees, current and potential, to see them in specific examples.

client’s words

“Everyone is thrilled with the graphics. The merch feels exactly like what we expected from the collaboration. We’re proud that the Czech branch of Wistron finally has modern websites they don’t need to be ashamed of.”

Kateřina Blažková (Community & Employee Engagement Supervisor Wistron)