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Gastro Lovebrand from Podyjí

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Thaya Winery
About Project

Who could resist a glass of wine while working on a creative endeavor? In fact, we’ve even had the pleasure of savoring one of the finest wines as part of our process. Thaya Winery is regularly adorned with medals and awards and has built a solid fan base of genuine Moravian wine. But now, the Trávníček family, just like the grapes, has moved to a new, larger complex, opening a hotel and an exclusive restaurant. And we were there from the start to create a comprehensive and creative website, take photographs, and take over the management of social networks.

Colors and Typeface

How to communicate luxury
with modesty?

We distinguish wineries where wine is poured by a costumed sommelier, or those targeting urban hipsters. However, Thaya is aiming for a slightly different clientele. Those who expect and are able to recognize the highest quality. We chose a combination of gold and, for contrast, black color – the combination that has always evoked a feeling of something exceptional. The dominant color is then white, which purifies the overall impression. Details are complemented by shades of gray and beige. We usually don’t like serif fonts, but it fits perfectly for creating a luxurious look. We particularly liked the sharp ’S’ and the very unusual ‘Y’.

Thaya Brand Colors
Web, photography, copy

Photos with a Story

At that point, it was one of the largest websites we’ve ever created at Justmighty – 8 unique pages with motion elements. From the very beginning, when we first visited Havraníky, we knew the website would primarily rely on photographs. We felt that we simply had to showcase the impression of local vineyards,

but most importantly, the architectural gem of the winery with a hotel and a restaurant. Words would not be enough. The photography took 3 days
of preparation, 4 intense production days, the work
of 10 people, and the magic of photographer Marek Dvořák. We then supplemented the breathtaking photos with a story. We knew that guests would
be coming for the great wine and beautiful location as well as for an authentic experience.

Sociální sítě

“Socials” must be where the action is. In the kitchen, at the table, in the vineyard.

So, that would be it for a hotel, a restaurant, a winery, a great website, and beautiful photos. And now – how do we get people to come? Thaya is a place you want to visit with friends and show off an amazing experience. That’s why we took over the management of social networks, where we primarily communicate the vibe of this unforgettable place.
We convinced the client to have all three main services the winery offers under one brand and one account because we feel they belong together and complement each other.

Applications and Printer Materials

Another Wild Boar in our Design

Did you know that ‘apri’ means wild boar in Latin? Neither did we. When we found out that Thaya Winery had chosen this word as the name for their new restaurant, the connection between the wild Znojmo nature and experiential gastronomy made sense to us. We used illustrations of animals from the Podyjí National Park, which Thaya had previously commissioned for their flagship range of wines. We incorporated them into our design – to the website, the food and wine menu, and the printed brochure.

Thaya Winery
Client’s words

We thank Justmighty for the collaboration, which involved creating new, very clear and beautiful websites for our winery and also the graphics for brochures, menus, and more. We are very happy with the final appearance.

Eng. Vít Trávníček